Therapy for children with ASD is a complex and constantly changing field. Multiple approaches and theories are developed each year but many of them lack solid empirical basis. We wanted our games to be based on reliable theoretical and empirical groundwork. To achieve this, we have spent almost three years on conducting scientific research and usability tests.

Autilius Joint Attention was created with the support of experienced therapists and academics. In our joint effort, we have developed our own coherent therapy approach which has become the blueprint for designing our uniqe games.

Learning while playing

Our aim is to make a therapeutic intervention as spontaneous and easy-going as possible. The activities we propose are meant to be real fun for children.

Avoiding educational patterns

Our games are designed to resemble short fairy-tale stories with compelling build-in activities. Using the Autilius games, children practise important social skills through activities that are easy, nondirective and suitable for their age.

Giving choice and teaching independence

We want our games to develop both the child`s independence and social skills. Parents and therapists can use the game setting tool to create a customized homepage of the program on which children may choose which game they want to play. At the end of each game there is an intuitive and easy-to-use option of repeating or quitting the game. These features give the children opportunities to practise making their own decisions.

Creating internal motivation based on the will to explore

Our games have been designed to intrigue children and encourage them to explore. We have avoided creating external motivation based exclusively on rewards.

Modelling correct answers

Each of our games has four difficulty levels. The lower levels are aimed at teaching children how to perform the tasks correctly. The correct answers are shown right away –the target objects are moving and flashing from the beginning of the task. To indicate the correct choice

Autilius Joint Attention cannot replace traditional therapy but it can be an attractive and valuable supplement to any of the wide range of therapeutic methods being used.


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