Autilius Joint Attention is well-suited for children with autism spectrum disorders. We considered their special needs while creating our games in order to minimalise distractors.

Graphics and animations

Due to the special needs of children with autism we have created simplified graphics and animations to make games friendly and easy to understand. We have minimised the numer of distractors so that the child`s attention is focused on the most important elements of the game.

Sound effects

We want our games to be a safe space for children who are otherwise easily distracted by sounds in the environment. The player`s possible hypersensitivity to sensory stimulation has also been taken into consideration, with all the melodies and sound effects carefully pre-selected to be quiet and subtle.

Verbal instructions and comments

When the player listens to the voice of the narrator or a character, the animation slows of freezes, which helps children focus on the voice alone. With the image being the main form of communication, the instructions are kept short and simple.

Directing attention

In the process of designing our games we took into consideration which elements should attract the child`s attention. In some games we decided to hide the child`s face with graphics (the face of the player is visible on the screen while using motion control interface). It helps children focus on their tasks and learn more.


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