Autilius Joint Attention is designed for children of preschool age. However, it can also be used in therapy with older children.

Autilius Joint Attention is available in three versions:

The Home version

The home version is meant for parents who have children with autism spectrum disorders and contains one homepage with games that can be customised.


Plansza z grami dla jednego dziecka.

The Pro Version

The Pro version of the program was designed for specialists working with children with autism spectrum disorders. The program enables users to create profiles for players, each containing a customised home page with 6 games


Profile użytkowników.

The Premium Version

The Premium Version is a professional tool for therapeutic centers. It has been designed to meet the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders. The high-tech mobile station includes a big touchscreen, a computer system, a webcam and the The Pro Version of Autilius Joint Attention. Thanks to the height regulation mechanism it is suitable for playing both while standing or sitting and it can be used by children of different height

Stanowisko komputerowe.


Read more: Technical requirements

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