Latest scientific research supports the idea of using computer programs in therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders. There are many studies that show multiple benefits of introducing computer in therapy. Computer programs suport and provide conditions for learning new skills.

The main advantages of learning with the computer:

Limited distractions

Computer programs allow us to better control the material being presented to the child and minimalize the risk of distraction, which helps children focus on the most important information.

Slower information flow

In real life everything happens quickly – people`s gaze direction, gestures and emotional expressions frequently change. In computer programs every gesture and reaction can be slowed, stopped and replayed. It gives children more time to understand these actions and more opportunities to learn their meaning.

Highlighting important information

Computer programs provide effective cues to direct and focus the child`s attention: objects can move, flash and make interesting noises.

Zwiększenie motywacji

Most children enjoy using computer programs. Games with friendly characters and compelling tasks increase children`s motivation to practise important skills and make therapy more fun.


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