1. The Service does not collect automatically any information other than the information in the cookies.
  2. The cookies files contain technical data in text files that are stored on the device of the Service User. Their function is to facilitate the usage the websites that belong to the Service. The cookies files usually contain the name of the website, the storage time and the unique number.
  3. The company that places the cookies files on the device of the Service User and gets access to them is the Service Operator: Autilius Kinga Wojaczek, ul. Wyszyńskiego 11/9, 26-600 Radom.
  4. The cookies serve the following purposes:
    1. adjusting the content of the Service websites to Users preferences and optimalizing the functions of the websites, for example, those files enable the Server to recognize the User`s device and properly display and personalize the content of the websites.
    2. gathering statistical data that enables the Service to analyze the usage of the websites and the improve the structe and the content of the websites.
    3. keeping the User`s session active (after logging in) and preventing the neccessity to repeat the logging process on every site of the Service.
  5. The Service uses two main cookies types: session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the Users device until the logout, leaving the website or closing the browser. The presistent cookies are stored on the User`s device for the period set on the fil`s parameters or until the User removes them from the device.
  6. The Service uses the following cookies:
    1. essential cookies that enable using the functions within the Service
    2. performance cookies that enable gathering the data about the usage of the Service websites
    3. functional cookies that enalbe interface personalization and saving the User`s settings
  7. Usually a web browser enables cookie files by default. The Service User may change those settings at any time. The details about the cookies settings are avaialbe in the browser settings. 
  8. Changing the cookies settings may influence some functions of the Service websites.
  9. The user may subscribe to the free newsletter by leaving his email address. The addressses subscribed to the newsletter list will be used only to send the free informations about the Service news by email. The Service Operator will not enaqble third parties to use the addresses on the newsletter list. The personal data (email) can be removed from the list at any time by clicking "Unsubscribe" link that is placed on the footer of every newsletter. The personal data may also be changed at any time by contacting the Service Operator on [email protected]. The database with personal information (emails subscribed to the newsletter) has been registerd by appropriate authorities (GIODO).

Strona korzysta z plików cookies. Więcej informacji na temat sposobu wykorzystywania plików cookies można znaleźć w Polityce prywatności .

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